Quicker. Smarter. Better.

Service At Your
You can use our convenient home pick up service and get your laundry done. Make payments, manage cycles and set your preferences with ease.
Dress to Impress for Every Occasion
Experienced staff using the best equipment and techniques so you never see hanger bumps, wrinkles, pins, stickers or easy to remove stains in your clothes again.
Delivery at Your
At your convenient timeslot we will deliver your laundry at home or concierge. Anytime you can request a call back to fix a delivery slot.
Reliable Customer Service
24/7 customer support means that we are here to handle all your laundry needs and will quickly and professionally respond to any special requests or comments you may have.
Value for your money
You don't have to overpay for quality or give up quality to save money!
Flexible Payment Solutions
No need to get hassled about settling your bill anymore.You can now pay online, on our mobile app or by using your credit card upon delivery.
Personalized Service
Do you like your t-shirts folded or the plastic covers removed from your clothes upon delivery? etc. You only have to tell us once by setting your preferences online!
Rewards Program
For every Riyal you spend or every hanger you return, you earn points that can be redeemed to get free laundry service.
Real Time Tracking System
No more lost socks, missing items or getting back someone else's clothes! All your garments are documented online for your reference.