Frequently Asked Questions

We will return your clean laundry the next day (3pm-11pm for home deliveries).

For our home pick up customers we will return your clean laundry within 2 days. We have an express option for next day delivery if necessary but extra charges apply.
Yes we can. You may request a home pick up & delivery through our website, mobile app (download app) or you can just call 33525602 . You can use our mobile app or website to conveniently choose from a wide range of pick up and delivery options, manage your account and settle your bills.
If you're a first time customer, you don't need the custom bag! Just place your dirty laundry in any bag you choose and make sure to indicate what kind of service for your clothes you want for each bag ("cleaning" or "ironing") by either leaving a note in the bag or using the comment box in the locker kiosk application.

After you have completed you first laundry cycle, your custom Drop Laundry bags will be provided to you along with your clean clothes.
One bag is labeled "Cleaning", all clothes you place in this bag will be cleaned and ironed. don't worry about deciding what type of cleaning to use for each of your garments. Our experienced fabric specialists will do that for you and know if a particular garment should be washed, hand washed or dry-cleaned.

The other bag is labeled "Ironing Only", all clothes you place in this bag will be ironed only.
As a member you can login to your account and set your general preferences online on our mobile app (download app). This is where you tell us how you like your packing (fold vs hang) or if you like starch on your shirts, hand wash requests etc. We will follow the preferences you set (if you have any) with every wash. Additionally, you can use the comment box feature in our application to tell us any additional things you may want. don't worry about telling us about stains, its our job to find them and remove them.
You can pay for your laundry cycles using your credit/debit card either online, on our mobile app (download app), during home deliveries. Cash is also accepted but only during home deliveries. You can also settle your payments by claiming your reward points online, for every riyal you spend with Drop Laundry you earn reward points.
We understand having more hangers than you have clothes can be frustrating, that's why Drop Laundry has a hanger collection program. Just handover the unwanted Drop Laundry hangers along with your dirty laundry in the next home pickup and you will get reward points to redeem for each hanger you return!

For the plastic covers we know how annoying they can get, all you have to do is log in to your account online and select that you would like the plastic covers to be removed from your clothes upon delivery and we will gladly do that for you.
Absolutely not! We have numerous washing machines to handle the very dirty garments, underwear and socks separately for each customer.
If during our pre-wash inspection we find a garment with significant damage, that garment will be separated from the rest of your laundry cycle and will be placed on hold until we contact you to get further instructions on whether to proceed with cleaning that particular garment or not. If we are unable to reach you in time, we will go ahead and process your garments with care.

In the very rare event that the damage occurs in our facility, we will contact youto take responsibility for our mistake or you can contact us within 10 days to file your claim.

You should know that compared to the rest of the market we put our money behind our skills and offer you the best compensation for damaged or lost items.