Our Story

It all started with dirty laundry. Nobody wants to deal with it - it’s time consuming, complicated and frustrating. We asked, why does it need to be so difficult, especially in this day and age?

Convinced that there had to be a more practical way of dealing with this routine chore, we created Drop Laundry. A contemporary service designed with you in mind! The Drop Laundry system allows you to get your laundry done in a world where busy schedules are the norm, comfort and convenience are expected and dressing to impress is a must.

With our proprietary high-tech lockers and an easy to use mobile app, you can now get your laundry done anytime you want, the way you want, without having to talk to anyone wait for someone or even leave your building!

We take the hassle out of doing laundry and put clean laundry at your fingertips and dirty laundry where it belongs, out of sight.

Our Manifesto

Convenience you require...
We are all about giving you back time, so you can spend it doing the things that matter most. We pride ourselves on using technology and innovation to make doing laundry easy and efficient so that you can look good and feel great without any of the hassle.

From drop offs to preferences to payment to pick up we keep it simple!

Quality you expect...
We know you spend your hard-earned money buying the clothes that you love. They are important to you, so they are important to us.

With our state of the art laundry facility, our experienced staff, premium detergents and our innovative procedures we have worked hard to set a new benchmark in quality when it comes to caring for your clothes, earning the right to claim our service is best in class.

Service you deserve...
Whether its through our innovative app and lockers or through our professional customer service, we just want your experience with Drop Laundry to be the best it can be. We work hard everyday to make sure our passion for laundry, our energy, honesty and commitment come through every step of the way.

Our Quality

Not only are we passionate about technology but we also love doing laundry… call us crazy but its true!

Our quality commitment covers the whole spectrum of the laundry process, starting from the moment you place your order and ending in your closet.

So whether its your suit for that important business meeting or that dress for an elegant night out your clothes are always safe with us!